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  Benefits of Auctions

Benefits of selling on auction with Auction Inc.

It is no wonder Auction Inc. utilises auctioning as it is the preferred method of sale in countries around the world and is fast becoming South Africa’s first choice in property exchange.
The Auction Inc. vehicle has more advantages to the seller than any other method of sale.

The advantages include but are not limited to:

  • Targeted marketing campaigns– Our campaigns have national reach across multiple marketing mediums. This translates to superior exposure for your auction property and heightened buyer awareness of upcoming auctions across all sectors of the real estate industry.
  • No commission – No commission is payable by the seller.
  • A call to action – Setting a definitive auction date motivates buyers to put pen to paper. The build up to the auction generates excitement and energy that is palpable and results in multiple offers being submitted to the seller for the auction property.
  • Purchasers negotiate upwards- As opposed to private sale where buyers negotiate downwards.
  • No price ceiling –The prices achieved at auction are an accurate reflection of the true market value of the auction property.
  • Non-suspensive offers – Offers received are not subject to finance or a due diligence period.
  • Serious buyers- Buyers are screened and are required to register and submit a deposit. This ensures that only qualified purchasers attend the auction.


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