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Property Description

The property is +-4.2ha in a great position with excellent access to the N1 the entire property is 2m high electric fenced, there are 4 houses on the property.

The main house is a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom thatch roof house, approximately 250m2. It has a big open carport that can accommodate 4 cars, a huge yard with a Lapa attached to the house with a built-in and a swimming pool. In front of house 1, there are 2 carports that are built high enough to accommodate caravans or boats.

The second house is also a 4-bedroom house with 2 en-suite bathrooms, half thatch half sink roof, Patio with built-in Braai. 

House 3 is a flat roof house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, it has a Lapa and a yard. 

House 4 is a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with a huge patio and built-in braai, a very big yard and has a carport for 4 cars. Alongside the carports is a lockable storeroom that is fully rigged to start a laundry business. All water and power sockets are installed, although there are no machines. 

Business 1.

The chicken farm has 15 chicken hocks on site, with a full capacity of 15 200 chickens. There are different ways of farming: a) either "all in, all-out" which will give you 15 200 chickens per 6 week period, or b) you can run it as it's done on a "multi-age" basis which means we place chickens almost every week which gives us a monthly income and we also only utilize about a capacity of 6500 chickens per month, that is 13,000 if we convert to "all in, all-out" 

There is also 4 Chicken Feed storeroom that is rat-free. All 15 chicken hocks are equipped with water drinkers and feeding buckets. Everything will be ready and included to start and run from day 1. No input would be needed EXCEPT for the running cost/input such as the chicks, the feed, medicine, etc. 

Business 2 

Poultry abattoir is a running business & includes all tools & equipment, as well as the trained staff. The abattoir is built according to spec and is also registered, licensed through poultry abattoir (max 2000 birds per day) it has a full working freezer room with a capacity for 1800 carcasses. The abattoir has won the award for the best in the region for 3 consecutive years, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 they came in second place. The abattoir has a capacity of 2000 birds per day although we only do roughly about 1000 birds per day. They slaughter +-6500 of our own chickens per month. The family pay (+-30%) of the cost price for slaughter which affects the margins of the abattoir as a business. The abattoir is +-400m2 under the roof excluding the tearoom for the workers. A KIA K2700 workhorse vehicle is also included which is used to transport the abattoir workers to and from the location every day.

Business 3 

Chicken sorting & packaging area is adjacent to the double garage is about +-400m2, it has a fully equipped, working freezer room and 25 Chest freezers (mostly 510lt) which are included in the sale, we use this area to store the frozen, slaughtered chicken portions and to pack all outgoing orders. There is also a stainless-steel table that will be included. 

Business 4 

Wood shavings business is operated from behind packaging area which is +-300m2 open-air & under the roof which includes a tool shed / lockable storeroom. Inside the neighbouring garage, there is a smaller storeroom used for locking up valuables. The wood shavings business has 2 shavings machines, on average move +-4100 bags of processed wood per month, if the machines run for a standard 5-day workday they can produce +-2000 bags a week. A homemade "donkey" & a sawdust dryer (value +_R900,000 from manufacturer) is also included. There are motorised conveyor belts that have also been built to transport sawdust to the dryer. There are no contracts in place, however, with the shortage of sawdust & being the only supplier in a 150km range, they supply chicken farmers, pig farmers & resellers. They deliver to businesses like local VKB and co-ops and a few farmers buy directly. 

There are 3 generators that are included in the farming operations, a 31,3kVa that services houses 1,2, and 3, the staff quarters, and some of the chicken hocks. a 20kVa that services the abattoir alone (not the freezer room) and then there is a 25kVa that is currently extra.

There are 2 x boreholes with a 2500lt water tank as well as a 10,000lt water tank that services houses 1,2 and 3 as well as the abattoir and some chicken hocks, a separate 2500lt water tank with its own borehole services house 4 and some chicken hocks. These boreholes are both extremely strong. We use an average of about 10,000lt of water per day and have never had a problem. There is also a water filter system connected to these water tanks that service houses 1,2 and 3.

There are staff quarters that accommodate 4 farmworkers with their wives and a few children. The farmworkers are welcome to stay and run the farm with the new owner. 

The frozen chicken prices are lower than anyone else as we do not pay full fees for slaughtering and only pay the cost price. This, in turn, means that the turnover and profit for the abattoir shows to be smaller than it should be. 

They are the best poultry abattoir in south Limpopo although there is another one about 60km from us, on a very bad gravel road and lower work standards, which means clients tend to return because of our high standard. The diary for the abattoir is already 60% booked for 2022 and is still waiting for a few clients to send their yearly planners through. 

With the broilers, we have over 500 orders every month from standard households. Customers that refuse to ever eat mass-produced chicken after buying ours. We DO NOT supply any retail shops or big food chains. Our clients are loyal to the product as we supply only the best and cleanest meat, which is not IQF and is not injected with any water, hormones or any foreign substances, our products are all-natural and our clients prefer it that way. We constantly have new clients by word of mouth from current customers. In the last 20 years (as we started in 2002) never been advertised anywhere! We started with 100 chickens per month and are currently running at 6500 per month!


There are four well-family homes and four profitable businesses attached to the property. This is just an overview of them. 

Seeing is believing, get in touch with Mike to get more information. If you are interested in more details, then sign an NDA and get access to more and a site visit. The Seller is available for questions and will conduct a walk-through and reveal more financial details to qualified Investors. 

A fair and reasonable handover is available to new owners and consults over a longer-term if necessary.


Masingita House , 41 West Street, Houghton Estate - Property Ref: F107281, Johannesburg, Gauteng





ERF SIZE: 42637m2 | GBA: 2000m2

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